Hannah Montana Coloring

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Hannah Montana Coloring: Have you ever seen Miley Cirus on stage? Let's try and express all that incredibly energy of hers through colors. First, before you can set your creativity loose and go wild with the colors, when you start playing the Hannah Montana coloring game you have to make upon your mind upon the picture of hers that you prefer. Now, once you have chosen your canvas, start coloring Miley Cyrus! We have been accustomed to see her either red haired or with long golden tresses, but who about give her a complete makeover and color her hair black! It's simple! Choose a dark black color from the color palette you have on the right side of the page and then, drag and drop it on her gorgeous hair. Now, since all the pictures feature her singing, on a major concert, you should definitely use some bright colors fro her outfit. She has to be the center of attention, the ultimate diva of the night, am I right? A superb purple, sequined dress or maybe a burgundy red one would suit her wonderfully. What color do you think would go best for her spectacular jewelry?

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